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This is by no means a comprehensive list of what I know and have done, but it’s a start.


Some projects and code

Cloud Computing & Virtualization

Experience with OpenStack (Nova, Keystone, Glance, Neutron, Cinder) at scale, AWS, KVM, some VMware

Applications & Technologies

Deep knowledge and understanding of many open source applications and technologies including: datacenter virtualization, IaaS, SaaS, Big Data, real-time transaction processing, web systems, RDBMS, NoSQL

Configuration Management/Automation

Experience with configuration management and related tools: Chef, SaltStack, Habitat, Ansible, fabric, Cobbler

Web Development

I have developed and maintained numerous web facing properties, the specifics cannot be disclosed due to their business nature. I don’t do personal websites, which is why this one looks the way it does.

Technologies and languages I have picked up along the way: Ruby, Python, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Perl, HTML, WordPress, Jekyll

Server Management

Deep understanding of datacenter lifecycle including installation, networking, hardware maintenance, high availability and disaster recovery, advanced configurations, decommissionings and server migrations. I have performed numerous successful server migrations on Linux/Unix systems. Migrations include moving all data, client info, configuration settings, testing and verification with zero downtime.

Operating Systems I’ve worked with: Linux (many flavors, primarily RHEL/CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian), FreeBSD, Solaris

Database Management

MySQL/Percona/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Couchbase: planning and deploying database servers and the databases. Extensive experience creating and maintaining databases, backups, disaster recovery, replication/high-availability (master-slave, master-master, Galera)

Extensive experience scaling and optimizing database servers to handle the Oprah Effect, as well as Reddit Hugging.


Configuring and installing networks. Troubleshooting networking issues. Planned and installed LAN setups in a datacenter environment.

Technologies: Software-defined networking (SDN) with Open vSwitch (OVS) and OpenContrail, load balancers (F5 BIG-IP, Brocade, LBaaS), firewalls (Cisco, iptables, pf, FWaaS), Switches (Cisco (Nexus, Catalyst), Juniper (SRX, MX), Brocade, Dell PowerConnect), WLAN